Jul 26 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sea Creatures Guide (Northern Hemisphere)

We have all been enjoying exploring the waters around our islands for just over a year since the feature was reintroduced to the game in July 2020’s summer update, along with Pascal and Pirate Gulliver. In case you needed reminding, you can only go diving into the sea while wearing a wetsuit, which can be purchased from the NookStop.

There are 40 sea creatures available to catch in New Horizons, ten more than in New Leaf. When swimming, you may notice bubbles rising up from the seabed, a sign that a critter is available. The larger the creature, the more bubbles are produced. Just like the fish and bugs, sea creatures can be donated to Blathers at the museum and will appear in your Critterpedia as you catch them. Scallops can be traded with Pascal for DIY recipes.

Some creatures only spawn at certain times, so we hope this handy list will help you catch the critters you want.

Seaweed: October - July ~ All Day

Sea Grapes: June - September ~ All Day

Sea Cucumber: November - April ~ All Day

Sea Pig: November - February ~ 4pm - 9am

Sea Star: All Year ~ All Day

Sea Urchin: May - September ~ All Day

Slate Pencil Urchin: May - September ~ 4pm - 9am

Sea Anemone: All Year ~ All Day

Moon Jellyfish: July - September ~ All Day

Sea Slug: All Year ~ All Day

Pearl Oyster: All Year ~ All Day

Mussel: June - December ~ All Day

Oyster: September - February ~ All Day

Scallop: All Year ~ All Day

Whelk: All Year ~ All Day

Turban Shell: March - May / September - December ~ All Day

Abalone: June - January ~ 4pm - 9am

Gigas Giant Clam: May - September ~ All Day

Chambered Nautilus: March - June / September - November ~ 4pm - 9am

Octopus: All Year ~ All Day

Umbrella Octopus: March - May / September - November ~ All Day

Vampire Squid: May - August ~ 4pm - 9am

Firefly Squid: March - June ~ 9pm - 4am

Gazami Crab: June - November ~ All Day

Dungeness Crab: November - May ~ All Day

Snow Crab: November - April ~ All Day

Red King Crab: November - March ~ All Day

Acorn Barnacle: All Year ~ All Day

Tiger Prawn: June - September ~ 4pm - 9am

Sweet Shrimp: September - February ~ 4pm - 9am

Mantis Shrimp: All Year ~ 4pm - 9am

Spiny Lobster: October - December ~ 9pm - 4am

Lobster: April - June / December - January ~ All Day

Giant Isopod: July - October ~ 9am - 4pm / 9pm - 4am

Horseshoe Crab: July - September ~ 9pm - 4am

Sea Pineapple: April - August ~ All Day

Spotted Garden Eel: May - October ~ 4am - 9pm

Flatworm: August - September ~ 4pm - 9am

Venus’ Flower Basket: October - February ~ All Day

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