Sep 01 2020


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When it comes to visiting someone else’s island, there are things that a visitor should and absolutely shouldn’t do. Ever wondered what these could be? There might be some things you maybe didn’t even know you already do and others that could benefit you!

When arriving on the island…

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  • DO make sure to say “hello!” or give a greeting to the host of the island Once you arrive on the island, it’s important to acknowledge the host and let them know that you have arrived before going through the island. It’s common courtesy, even in real life!

  • DON’T run off around the island especially when the host can’t find you. Running around can feel disrespectful, even when you run ahead of the host! It’s not your island and you don’t know the layout of it so it is best you let the host guide you around so that you don’t get lost. Isn’t it more fun to have a tour from the host than to find your own way around? Some areas are best viewed from a certain direction, so let them show you the way.

  • DO ask permission from the host if you could swim in the ocean. There’s no problem with swimming around another island’s ocean- it’s fun and both of you! You could even find deep sea creatures and pearls together. But again, it’s their island so it’s important to ask if you could swim because there’s a possibility they might not be comfortable with that just yet. They might have an area of their island they’re not ready to show- so it’s always best to ask first.

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  • DON’T come to the island wearing your wetsuit (and most especially, don’t jump from the airport to the ocean!) Ever since the summer update where we can finally swim in our oceans, there have been incidents of people immediately diving from the airport and stealing creatures and pearls- which is very impolite! Since then, It is now a common rule that you don’t come in your wetsuit when arriving on the island. It gives the host peace of mind that you’re there to have fun together, not to take advantage.

When roaming around the island…

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  • DO ask for permission from the host if you could visit Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters Asking permission to visit shops is more of a polite gesture than an actual rule. However, like most situations, it’s always nice to ask! The host might be uncomfortable if you run straight into the shop because there could be a limited edition item they haven’t had the chance to buy yet. For this reason, if they do allow you in and you like something from the limited edition section, always make sure to ask before you purchase. If there is an item you’re both looking to buy, you can always ask to catalog before you leave (they let you hold the item briefly in your pockets so that you can purchase it from your Nook Stop)!

  • DON’T go around and steal from the owner! Stealing is not okay in general and of course, applies to video games too. If you’re a beginner player, there are things that can be considered stealing that you may not have realised! For example, some people like to decorate with dropped items (star fragments, flowers and fruit). Picking these items up and taking them for yourself is considered stealing and can really upset the host. This also includes things such as plucking hybrid flowers, shaking trees and taking shells. The host worked hard to get these items, so always try and be considerate- permission is key!

  • DO close your windows or end your conversations when the game asks you to When flying to an island, you will not be allowed to take off until all people on the other island have closed their windows and ended their conversations. This is why it is considered polite to end your conversations when prompted. If windows are not closed, the player cannot enter and in some cases everyone may even experience technical difficulties. This means the session would be over for everyone and people may even lose some of their save. This is very rare so no need to worry, but it’s always best to help out where you can.

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  • DON’T press B and run all over the flowers! Growing and taking care of flowers can be a hard task. Especially if the host has spent lots of time and energy breeding hybrids. This is why it’s considered very rude to run around the island using the B button. Running through flowers will cause them to reduce back to buds, which can be a real pain! Especially if they’re planted on a beach as flowers cannot grow back when planted on the sand. When nearing a field full of flowers, it’s best to walk.

  • DO compliment their island We all agree building an island is hard and takes up a lot of energy and thinking into making it, so a simple gesture like complimenting the host’s island will create a big impact on them! It’ll completely warm their hearts, for sure.

  • DON’T use tools to cut or dig up resources! Now this is a slightly unique situation as you will only be able to use your tools if the host grants you access. This means that you and the host are best friends, so they trust you. If you have been given this trust, don’t abuse it by digging up their flowers or chopping down trees. If there is a reason you would like to use your shovel or axe for something, make sure to ask the host first.

When leaving the island…

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  • DO leave a nice cute note on the host’s bulletin Similar to complimenting their island, you could leave a nice note to the island’s bulletin board. When the host looks for announcements, they will then be able to go back and read the nice things you said about them and their island!

  • DON’T leave through the minus button but through the airport Leaving through the minus button is a big no-no! Leaving this way can cause communication errors, sending everyone home and causing everyone to lose their progress. People may lose the clothes they bought, bugs they caught or turnips they sold. Even if an error doesn’t occur, it’s always polite to get in the leaving queue and say goodbye properly.

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  • DO leave a “thank you” gift whether that may be in the form of furniture, clothing, bells or such. Doing so is not obligatory but think of it more as a courtesy to the host. It’s a nice gesture to give them a parting gift as a “thank you” for being kind and welcoming to their island!

Being a kind and respectful person does not cost anything. Players have worked hard on designing their island and the fact that they trust other players to come visit, so it’s important for us to respect it and care for their island as well.

If you read through everything and have finally reached the end, thank you and I hope you took these Do’s and Don’ts to heart because, remember, not only are some applicable to the game, but also in real life!

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