Aug 23 2021

Best Museum Photo Opportunities ft. Blathers

Hoo! August, it seems, is International Fishing Month! Of course, it would be wonderful if you chose to donate any new fish you find to your island museum in honour of this esteemed month. But might I interest you in visiting the fish section of the museum also?

You see, there are many, many wonderful places to take pictures inside of the museum to commemorate your visits. Thus I’ve decided to share five of my favourites if you’d like to add any photographs to your personal collection of memories.

Animal Crossing Museum

When you first enter the fish section of the museum, you’ll find a lovely tank filled with some of the smaller fish you’ve caught, like killifish or goldfish. These small fish, often found in ponds, are peaceful. One of the most beautiful images you can get in the museum is to pose behind the tank and photograph through the tank as the fish swim in front of you! Hoo!

A second delightful place to take photographs is in the tunnel near the shark area. As sharks and stingrays pass you by, you can get some incredible images standing between fish, especially as they cross behind and in front of you. In a way, this almost creates the illusion of being in the tank itself!

Get creative… changing into a Wet Suit and Snorkel Mask could enhance the illusion! But wearing touristy clothing, like a Shirt with Camera, can make you look like you’re visiting world-famous aquariums! Your expression can also convey your fright, your excitement, and your joy at seeing the fish and other sea creatures you might encounter in the exhibits!

If you venture into deep-sea exhibits, there are many places you can explore. This is rather interesting because some exhibits can be explored through portholes. If you capture the image through here, you almost appear to be on a submarine! A thoughtful reaction can also make the photograph more intriguing.

I assure you, while I’ve taken your donations into consideration while curating the museum, I’ve also been hard at work to create exhibits that are engaging and interesting. I hope as you explore the museum and photograph yourself visiting the exhibits, you’ll take note of special sections I’ve created, like this lovely deep sea exhibit with a submarine and Scuba suit! ‘Tis fascinating stuff, really.

Of course, sometimes the best photos are the most candid, so don’t forget to take a picture of yourself simply enjoying the relaxation that the museum has to offer.

And above all else, have fun and be creative. Bring a friend! Change outfits! Take your time to explore all of the wonderful backdrops our museum has to offer, particularly in the fish section. And if you ever feel it’s looking sparse, well, August is the perfect time to go fishing and add a few new beautiful creatures to our museum, as a wonderful way to celebrate National Fishing Month.

If you ever need assistance with your donations, come to the museum. I’m here to help you all the time… Even if I may nod off every now and again.

Happy donating! Hoo!


The Crossing Board