Feb 12 2022

Blathers on Art : Detailed Painting

Good Day, esteemed visitor and welcome to another edifying instalment of art history as presented by yours truly.

In today’s exploration we will be considering Detailed Painting, actually titled Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas by Japanese Edo-period painter Itō Jakuchū (伊藤 若冲).

During a period in history when Japan had closed its doors to external influences, Itō Jakuchū incorporated artistic elements such a use of perspective, which were somewhat modern compared to those used by his contemporaries. This is curious to note as it has been said that compared to his contemporaries of the period - the painter was calmer and less flashy perhaps because of Zen Buddhist principles which influenced his personal philosophies.

Portrait of the Artist by Kubota Belsen

Jakuchū Is known for his detailed and verdant paintings of birds and flowers inspired by the Kano School of art in Japan. A good amount of his training came from studying works hung in shrines and temples. The painter enjoyed much commercial success nonetheless he lived as an intellectual who maintained his strong religious beliefs until death.

Old Pine Tree and White Phoenix by the artist

The artist died in his eighties, leaving behind a legacy of esteemed works on panel and gold silk some of which are held in museums and galleries throughout the world.

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