Nov 29 2021

Brewster Brewster

Newer players may be wondering how to invite Brewster, the much loved NPC to their island museums and in doing so will discover why this cool pigeon is so well-loved by many. Thankfully, the fairies at TCB are here to help with some pointers including what to expect from the process of opening your island’s answer to Starbucks.

It all begins with the museum and its intelligent curator - Blathers. Provided you have all salons opened up in your museum, when you begin the dialogue with Blathers (after running the game software update) he will propose the idea of opening a café and sending you on a bit of a mission to recruit a friend of his, to run the café. This friend is Brewster.

You may scurry about your island wondering were this elusive Mr. Brewster is indeed hiding. One thousand Nook miles tickets and a boat ride with a signing turtle - Capt’n, brought us to a mystery island where to our surprise, the elusive Brewster was to be found!

There will be a dialogue with this gentleman pigeon who instantly gives off ‘chill café vibes’. He offered us a token gyroid and accepted the invitation to run our museum café.

A day and a bit later after the museum closes to remodel, Isabelle will announce the new addition to your island and Tom Nook will invite you to join in an opening ceremony to commemorate the event.

A few of our island residents showed up for the occasion along with Isabelle, Tom Nook and Brewster.

After the ceremony, it made perfect sense to sample the brew in the café, while stopping for a chat with visiting island residents. The café had a very relaxing atmosphere which suited the personality and measured, elegant movements of our favourite barista. What did you think about the café and what additions would you add to your island’s café experience?

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