Nov 17 2020

Everything New In The Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Update

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‘Tis the season to celebrate the next free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! From Turkey Day to Toy Day and every moment in between, there is a whole host of content to get excited about. Nintendo will be releasing everything on Thursday (19th November, 2020) so be sure to log on and update your game to experience all the new features. But what features should we expect? Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about the Animal Crossing Winter update.

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##Turkey Day

Get ready to gobble up a whole new holiday event! On the 26th November you will meet the iconic chef, Franklin. Reprising the same role as previous games, Franklin will ask you to collect ingredients from around the island to make a wonderful feast for the whole neighbourhood! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, your Villagers will all be wearing hats. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Or does it!?

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##Toy Day

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season! December 24th will see the introduction of Jingle and the Toy Day event. Get your Santa hats ready because it’s time to step into his big boots. Although we don’t know much about the event yet, it looks very similar to previous games in which you could help Jingle hand out gifts to your villagers!

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##New Items

With great events come great new furniture. Scattered throughout the trailer for the Animal Crossing Winter update and on the Nintendo Japan website, brand new items can be seen hidden in every corner. So far we can see a new tent item behind the villager working out, food items, presents, and more!

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##Inclusive Character Customisations

One of the most anticipated and highly requested additions to Animal Crossing has finally arrived. More inclusive hair and eye shapes! From the trailer, it looks like we will have the option to purchase six new hairstyles using our Nook miles. Although we hope more inclusive customisation options will be added in the future, players around the world are delighted that Nintendo are starting to take steps in the right direction.

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##New Reactions

Players around the world are also extremely excited about the addition of the new reactions. From the trailer we can see that players will now be able to do a whole load of new gestures with their animal friends. These reactions include: sniff sniff, wave goodbye, excited, work out, yoga, here you go, ta-da, take a picture and most importantly sit down! Now we can enjoy the luxury of joining our villagers in their work outs followed by a relaxing sit down.

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##Visit Random Dream Islands

Ever wanted to dream of a far away place but didn’t have a specific dream address in mind? Well, Nintendo is here to help! Players will now have the chance to visit random islands through the dream suite. A great way to see islands from around the world.

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##Food Glorious Food!

Wait, we can hold drinks now? We’ll toast to that! Not included in the trailer but released on the Nintendo website are these images of some great food items. From a yule log to noodles, these items look good enough to eat. Players with cafes and restaurants on their islands can raise a glass to these great new additions to the Animal Crossing Winter update. These items will be available to purchase on the Nook Shopping app over the holiday season, so be sure not to miss out!

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##Extra Storage

Hoard reward alert! Gone are the days of yard sales and storage clear outs. The Nintendo developers have blessed us with almost double the storage spaces in our homes. To get this new upgrade, just talk to Tom Nook at resident services and ask to “expand my storage”. You will then see your home hold 2400 items! This is great news for collectors and makes us very excited to see how many new items we will get in the coming months.

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##Addition of a catalogue feature on Nook Link smartphone app

It’s not just our switch consoles that will be getting new content. Our real life smartphones will too! Nintendo have announced a catalogue feature coming to the NookLink app which will allow players to check their catalogued items from the comfort of their phones.

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##Seasonal items

Although maybe not arriving with the Animal Crossing Winter update, Nintendo have announced the addition of some great seasonal items. This sunflower rug alongside the northern lights wall will be great additions to any players home.

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And that’s everything we know so far about the Animal Crossing Winter update.

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