Sep 27 2020

Fall Update Roundup

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Trick or treat? Nintendo has given us a very sweet treat today: The long-awaited Fall/Halloween update announcement for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! If you love Halloween as much as we do, you know how hyped we are for this update. From buying candy to growing pumpkins, here are some exciting new features that will be added to the game (for free)!

New spooky Reactions

What's that? An eerie chill? In the new update, you'll be able to show your mischievous side with a couple of new emotes, called 'Haunt' and 'Scare'! As villagers react to these emotions, this could be a hint at some of the hijinks the Halloween night could have in store.

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NookLink Updates

Alongside our trusty switches, we can also enhance our gameplay through our smartphones! Many people use the NookLink app as a keyboard when visiting other players. However, this update will now make it easier to access our emotions. Wearing our hearts on our sleeves and haunts in our phones is sure to make trick or treating with friends even more fun!

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Change up your style

Celebrating Halloween also means dressing up for the occasion! In the update, you will be able to pop on over to the Able Sisters' shop to find the right costume to impress your villagers. Complete your look by changing your skin and eye colors, now available in colors like pale blue and hot pink! With the introduction of these new colors, we hope this means more inclusive hairstyles and skin tones are just around the corner.

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Purchase and hand out candy

You will now be able to purchase candy in Nook's Cranny! They will cost you 120 bells per piece. Make sure to stock up leading up to the 31st as you will need these treats to participate in the mysterious event.

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Halloween night & Jack's return

On the 31st of October after 5PM, there will be a Halloween event at the plaza. Jack, the czar of Halloween, will be there too! Legend says that if you give him candy, he'll give you some rewards. Don't forget to give some candy to your villagers too, or else you might get tricks instead of treats!

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Grow pumpkins for DIYs

This update is a game changer. Literally! Animal Crossing is now introducing a farming component to our gameplay. We will now be able to purchase pumpkin starts from Leif throughout the year, or from Nook's Cranny in October. Time to clear some space for your new pumpkin patch! Harvesting the pumpkins will enable you to craft an all-new set of seasonal DIY recipes. Some of these DIYs look like a pumpkin fence, archway, and jack-o-lanterns!

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The update will be available for free download on the 30th of September. What are you most excited about in the upcoming Fall update? Will you be making your island as spooky as possible? Send us a picture at @thecrossingboard on Instagram or @CrossingBoard on Twitter, we love seeing your creations! If you would like to discuss ideas with our team and the community, join us over on Discord !

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