Jun 17 2021

Fanzine subscriptions via Paypal have arrived!

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We are so pleased to announce that we are now offering the payment option ‘Paypal’ when paying for your fanzine subscription!

The Crossing Board releases a monthly fanzine dedicated to the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons news, top tips for gameplay, guides, puzzles, quizzes and more.

Lovingly crafted by The Crossing Board group, the fanzine is available as a hard copy subscription and is shipped to your door every month. The subscription feature means you never miss out on the fun and even includes a free gift!

Previous free gifts have included magnets, stickers, postcards, origami kits and much more!

It is really easy to subscribe to our physical monthly fanzine, and you can do so here.

If a physical copy isn’t for you, we also have digital copies! These are also available on our website and will be emailed to you as a PDF upon purchase. These are available here.

And don’t forget, we also now have our very own The Crossing Board Tote bags available NOW! Featuring The Crossing Board logo, the 10-litre capacity bag can hold all of your favourite things - we’re thinking your switch and of course, your fanzines! You can buy your very own tote bag here.

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