Feb 10 2022

February Round-Up with Dot : 2022

Hello Resident Reps! It’s Dot here with your ACNH round up for the second month of the year. Assuming you’ve fished to your heart’s content in last month’s tourney, collected enough gyroids to make even Blather’s jealous and tucked all your holiday decor away - it’s time to enjoy this month’s festivities.

Lunar New Year, Seollal, Valentine’s Day, Hinamatsuri and Carnival of Venice are amongst this month’s celebrated in-game holidays.

With that in mind, why not:

  • Create a Lunar New Year themed spread in one of your rooms or an area of your island
  • Invite friends over to your island for a themed party and photo-shoot
  • Collect holiday themed items such as the money envelope, lucky pouch and more which can be ordered from Nook’s Catalogue
  • Wrap and gift your villagers flowers and baked treats for Valentine’s Day

nd speaking of festivities, Mr. Festivale himself - Pavé, our colourful NPC (Non-playable character) will be visiting our islands on February 15 for music, dancing and fun. For last year’s Festivale Event, Pavé offered themed items in exchange for colourful feathers you netted around your island. If you didn’t get a chance to complete your collection, you’ll have another chance this year.

Don’t forget your daily tasks such as chatting with residents, gardening and such as these help you to gain points for the Nook Milage redemption and trips with Kapp’n.

What do you have on your in-game to-do list for this month? Is it catching new bugs or fishing? Landscaping in preparation for Spring? Let us know in the comments below.

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