Jan 07 2022

January Round Up with Dot - January 2022

Hello Resident Reps! It’s Dot here with your ACNH round up for the first month of the year. I hope putting away your island’s holiday decor doesn’t leave you feeling too glum? Chin up buttercup, there’s still lots to do this month and here are a few anecdotes to get you started:

  • They say practice makes perfect, so why not work on your swing in preparation for the upcoming Fishing Tourney
  • Unleash you inner sculptor by crafting the perfect snow boy
  • If rolling a snow boy isn’t your thing, try netting falling snowflakes around your island which may be used for DIY’s
  • Speaking of DIY’s, stopping by your villagers’ homes may prompt them to offer you new DIY’s - the large ornament is my favourite so far
  • Gyroid fragments can be found buried on your island and even washed up on the seashore so be on the lookout for these cute relics
  • A boat ride with Cap’n just might get you a visit to a never before discovered island such as a star fragment island where you can make wishes on shooting stars and collect fragments on the beach
  • Explore new food receipts and ingredients. Collect from flying balloons, villagers and daily bottles on the beach
  • Visit the Nook Boys daily for newly available items to spruce up your home
  • Do some spring cleaning in your house and try a new design concept
  • Rack up Nook Miles for points you can redeem for new items such as the Plaza series

January is a bit of a quiet month in ACNH but it’s also the perfect opportunity to start afresh, do daily tasks and wind down from the hustle and bustle of the season as we prepare for February’s festivities. See you then!

The Crossing Board