Mar 07 2022

March Round-Up with Dot : 2022

Hello Resident Reps! It’s Dot here with your ACNH round up for the third month of the year. March in-game brings us a fun mix of events and of course, event items and recipes to collect. If you missed the opportunity to do so last year, you can collect items for the Japanese Hinamatsuri (February 25 - March 3), pie for Pi Day (March 1-14), get lucky for Shamrock Day (March 10 - 17) and plan pranks on the sly for April Fool’s Day (March 26 - April 1).

Isabelle will also encourage you to explore the wonderful world of horticultural DIY by collecting bamboo shoots which can be used to craft various themed items. You’ll no doubt, notice the increase in number of bugs cropping up on your island and in the ocean in the form of Sea Butterfly - well fish called Sea Butterfly! Other exotic aquatic choices include Oarfish, Blue Marlin and Barreleye. Crabs, barnacles and other goopy sea creatures can also be caught whilst swimming and are sure to make welcome additions to your museum. Although Blathers may have plenty to say about any insects you offer to donate!

Fun things to do this month:

  • Now that the grass is greener, how about designating a new spot for gardening? Our Flower Guide in this month’s issue will help you to discover the language of flowers.
  • Brush up on your pranks and gags in preparation for April Fool’s Day - did someone say, “pitfall DIY?”
  • Bring some fresh energy to your Animal Crossing experience by trying out the mobile version of the game,

And speaking of which, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a cutely compact and robust take on the game we know and love. From decorating your campsite, cabin or camper to fishing, catching bugs, gifting villagers and Happy Home Designer challenges - this version of the game has so much to offer including a personal journal and ongoing, new themed items via Fortune Cookies in-game.

Do you play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? If so, tell us your favourite things about the mobile version and if you’d like to see more Pocket Camp content on our blog. Happy crossing.

The Crossing Board