Jul 30 2020

Our Top 10 Features From The Second Summer Update.

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Well, it seems like the second wave of the summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot to offer! From firework shows to a mysterious dream land, there’s a whole host of new content for us to enjoy. Just like the last update, it seems we are being brought back to the nostalgic days of playing New Leaf while still giving us brand new content! Let’s talk more about that, shall we? Here’s a list of everything new we’ve found so far!

Firework Shows

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It seems that Sundays are not just for Turnips anymore! Every Sunday night in August, you and your villagers will get to experience the wonders of a nice firework show. From 7pm to 12am Isabelle will finally get a long deserved break from the resident services building and will join you in the plaza (yay!)

Custom Firework Designs

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Talk to Isababelle and let her know you’ve “got a firework idea” to submit your own custom designs into the night! You can give her a maximum of 10 designs and then get ready to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ while they sparkle across the sky.

Flower Boopers

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Not only will Isabelle organise your own personalised firework display, talking to her will also get you some nice new headwear. Each Sunday she will give you a randomised Flower Booper, the perfect accessory for any festive pictures!

Redd’s Raffle

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Isabelle will be accompanied by Redd, just like in New Leaf! You will have the chance to enter his raffle for 500 bells to win some bright prizes. Yes, yes! Some of the items you can win are the sparklers, fountain firework, bubble blowers, balloons, and pinwheels. This is a great time to invite some friends over and capture some memories.

Camera Update

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Speaking of capturing memories, the infamous camera hack that was taken away in the previous update is back (good news for GIF makers and AC fans everywhere). The hack allowed you to press the + button at the same time as opening the camera to remove the guide and user interface. Now Nintendo have made this an actual feature! By pressing down the right joycon we can remove the UI and enjoy a clearer screen. This is a great way to take videos without all the symbols in the way! This indicates - yet again - that the developers are listening to the fans and responding to their requests. Who knows what other updates we could see in the future?

The Dream Suite

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Travelling to far away islands has never been so simple! You will receive a mysterious bed in the mail that can transport you to a magical realm called The Dream Suite (other beds will also work as long as they are in your house). Here you will meet Luna and have the opportunity to upload your town as a dream. This is basically saving a snapshot of your island that others will be able to visit.

Visiting Other Dreams

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Luna will also let you visit other people’s towns using their dream codes. This is a great opportunity to visit stranger’s islands without them having to be there. You will arrive with empty pockets and none of your actions at the other town will be permanent, so feel free to dig and roam wherever you like! You can talk to their villagers and look through their custom designs, so be sure to make the most of your visit, hm?

Island Backup

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Although rare, some people have experienced the dreaded save corruption when playing ACNH. This basically means that your game experiences a fault causing you to lose everything, yikes! People put hundreds of hours into this game only to lose everything and have their save wiped clean. It’s our worst nightmare! However thanks to the developers, we are now able to save our game remotely and have our game recovered if anything were to happen to our switch or the save (thank goodness)!

Design Portal Updates

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Alongside big changes like new content and save backup, Nintendo have added some minor convenience improvements. When accessing the design portal in The Able Sisters, you will now be able to save your favourite creators and search by design type. This is great news if you are a regular user of custom paths or clothing as the whole process of finding creators will take a much shorter amount of time.

Tiny Changes

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Nintendo have also blessed us with even smaller changes like the addition of a new DIY recipe: the King Tut Mask. Be careful when wearing this mask though as if you run you may fall over! Tripping was a feature of the older games and many fans are glad to see it’s return. Fans are also excited as we can now purchase Tommy’s pennant from the Nook Stop (the tiny flag that he holds when you first land on the island). It’s a nice nod from the developers as it was a running joke in the fanbase to get his flag back.

The next update for ACNH will be in the fall - perfect for halloween! Although we don’t know much about it yet, we do know it will have something to do with pumpkins. What are your predictions and changes you wish to see in the next update? Let us know more about it at @CrossingBoard on Twitter and @thecrossingboard on Instagram! We would also love to see your custom fireworks and favourite dream towns. Send us your pictures for the chance to be featured on our next article or video!

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