Nov 26 2020

Turkey Day Recipes

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Calling all foodies! The first big event of the winter - Turkey Day - is almost here as chef extraordinaire, Franklin arrives on your island to cook up a feast from 9am to midnight on 26th November. However, he’s going to need you to find some missing ingredients and he’ll be dishing out some tasty rewards for your help. But what Turkey Day recipes will there be? Let’s take a look and see… Your goal will be to help Franklin cook 4 Turkey Day recipes. You can find out what ingredients he needs by talking to him, then once you have them, report back to him and repeat to collect your rewards. What are the rewards you ask? Well they are the Turkey Day Rug, Turkey Day Wall, Turkey Day Flooring and Cornucopia.

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Once you have mastered the basic dishes and collected your reward items, upgrade your Turkey Day recipes by adding secret ingredients. Villagers cooking in their homes will give you a random ingredient in exchange for a specific fish as well as a hint of the secret ingredient. Find the secret ingredients for all four basic dishes and Franklin will reward you with the Turkey Day DIY pack! The Turkey Day furniture can be customised at your workbench to light spring green versions, perfect for those playing in the southern hemisphere.

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Don’t worry if you can’t find all the secret ingredients as the Turkey Day DIY pack will be available at Nook's Cranny until the end of November. Turkey Day items will also be on sale in the seasonal slot during this time. The eight DIYs available in the pack are the Turkey Day Casserole, Turkey Day Chair, Turkey Day Decorations, Turkey Day Garden Stand, Turkey Day Hearth, Turkey Day Table, Turkey Day Table Setting and Turkey Day Wheat Decor.

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The recipes for the four Turkey Day dishes are:

Clam Chowder

  • Basic ingredient 1: 3x Manila Clams
  • Secret ingredient: 1x Scallop

Pumpkin Pie

  • Basic ingredient 1: 1x Orange Pumpkin
  • Basic ingredient 2: 1x Random colored Pumpkin (Green, Yellow, White)
  • Secret ingredient: 1x Pumpkin of a color not already chosen (So you will need a Pumpkin of every color


  • Basic ingredient 1: 1x Mussel (Northern Hemisphere) or 1x Squid and 1x Sea Urchin (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Basic ingredient 2: 1x Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Skinny Mushroom or Oyster
  • Secret ingredient: 1x Dungess Crab

Fish Meuniere

  • Basic ingredient 1: 1x Sea Bass
  • Basic ingredient 2: 1x Dab, Olive Flounder or Red Snapper (Northern Hemisphere) or 1x Olive Flounder or Red Snapper (Southern Hemisphere)

Everyone at The Crossing Board wishes you a very happy Turkey Day! Let us know how you get on via Twitter (@CrossingBoard) and Instagram (@thecrossingboard)!

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