Feb 23 2022

US Shipping Update | 23 Feb 22

To our US readers,

Following months of hard work to minimise postal times, we have made the difficult decision to revert back to shipping all fanzines from the UK.

There are two main reasons for this…

Paper shortage in the US

The current paper shortage in the US has proven to be a much bigger drawback than our printer had originally advised. This has also meant that packing materials are not always readily available.

Slower and less reliable postage

Although the estimated delivery dates are 2-3 business days, the national postal system within the US is currently experiencing huge delays and quarantining. In some cases, this has made deliveries slower than sending from the UK.

At least for the time being, we feel that shipping from the UK is the most reliable option. The service we’re providing and your experience as a reader has been our utmost priority throughout this entire process, and we sincerely thank you for all your feedback and support over this period.

One concern our readers highlighted was the relevancy of the content you receive. So, from the March issue onwards, we will be moving away from more time-sensitive content and prioritising entertainment that can be enjoyed no matter when you receive your issue! 😀

We hope you’ll agree that this is the best way forward!

Thank you for your understanding and happy reading ❤️

The TCB Team

The Crossing Board