Nov 19 2021

Villager Spotlight - Sasha

Introducing Sasha

Hello Resident Reps, today we’d like to introduce you to one of the newest villagers to join the Animal Crossing gameverse - Sasha!

Sasha is an adorable rabbit villager whose catchphrase is ‘hoppity’. He likes bugs and snacks and from the aesthetic of his home, a very cozy interior. This villager is soft, cute and will give you the cuddly feels.

Animal Crossing fans speculated as to the type of villager Sasha was and those who guessed that he is a boy villager hit the mark. Said fans praised the game’s creators for Sasha’s innovative character design and brilliant colouring.

Sasha is a lazy type villager, and his relaxed personality is perhaps a nod to his Astro sign - Taurus. He joins the ranks of other popular rabbit villagers such as Ruby, Chrissy and Genji.

Fans of the mobile version of the franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, will also be happy to note that Sasha is also available and has the preferred cute style and fashion hobby.

Sasha’s home oozes cozy vibes with soothing yet lively items in neutrals, aqua green and yellow tones. Resident Reps who prefer a more cottage or kid core aesthetic will be happy to invite this cute little villager to their islands or archipelagos.

What do you think about Sasha and the brand new villagers who were part of the update?

The Crossing Board