Dec 31 2021

Villager Spotlight : Tea with Kitty

Good day Island Reps, in this week’s villager spotlight we’ll be featuring an exclusive q & a with the gorgeous and elegant cat villager - Kitty. Many players will remember Kitty from as far back as the City Folk days and she has been present in all game versions since.

Being a snooty - type villager, Kitty has a refined aesthetic and an astute sense of snark! As Island Reps befriend this adorable cat, they’ll be pleased to discover a heart of gold beneath her catty exterior.

Interviewer : Hello Ms. Kitty thank you so much for sitting down with me today for coffee and chit chat.

Kitty : Hello darling, it’s lovely to be here although I much prefer tea (no pun intended) over coffee.

Interviewer: Haha, there’s that wit that we all know.

Kitty : I aim to please darling.

Interviewer : Kitty, tell our readers about your favourite coffee shop beverage.

Kitty : Well, darling, I rather do enjoy herbal teas and delicate tea sandwiches, although I dare say that that offering hasn’t occurred to Mr. Barista here (eyes Brewster pointedly).

Interviewer : Kitty you strike me as the type that is very confident about her likes and dislikes. What are your views on art?

Kitty : Art adds beauty and refinement to our world. Darling fashion is a most glorious form of art. Perhaps our museum curator will add a fashion exhibit for patrons to enjoy.

Interviewer : Do you have a villager bestie?

Kitty : Well I do excel at the social arts and have quite a following. I count Syd as part of my close circle - he brings quite an alternative flair to our group, Blanche and Diana of course and Petri has recently joined us.

Interviewer : You have quite the posse! Do you guys enjoy a particular island season and event?

Kitty : Hmmm, I would say Toy Day and the snow-capped trees of winter. We enjoy exchanging fashionable presents of course, mrowrr.

Interviewer: And is there an event that ranks as your least favourite?

Kitty : The fascination with Turkey Day is a bit lost upon me as is the Bug Off - why make an event out of catching food you’re not likely to eat?!

Interviewer : And lastly Kitty, do you have any style advice for those budding fashionistas out there?

Kitty : An excellent question, posed to an expert indeed! I would say that individuality is key and blended with a refined knowledge of the classics can create fashion that is art!

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