Jul 04 2022

What Are Fortune Cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

Fortune cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are special items that contain a random piece of clothing or furniture from a selection.

How Can I Get Fortune Cookies?

There are four ways you can get fortune cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can purchase them with leaf tickets, purchase them with bells, complete villager requests and earn them as rewards, or receive them in gift boxes from friends.

To purchase fortune cookies, you will find the fortune cookie shop at the Market Place on the map. Here you can purchase the cookies for bells or leaf tickets, or trade a full stamp card.

The fortune cookies available to purchase with leaf tickets regularly change. You can buy as many as you like with your tickets. These cost

You can also purchase Timmy and Tommy's fortune cookies with bells. Once you have purchase these, they are sold out until the following day.

How Do I Get Fortune Cookies From Villagers?

When a villager asks you to pick an item of your choice from your inventory to give to them, for example, a fish, you will have a chance to receive a fortune cookie depending on the value of the item gifted.

For example, if the item is worth over 100 bells, you will have a 20% chance of a fortune cookie. But, if you gift a particularly rare item, you are very likely to receive a fortune cookie.

How Do I Open a Fortune Cookie?

Your fortune cookies can be found in your inventory. Click on the small bag icon, then the three dots, and then on the fortune cookie icon.

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